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Gatorade or Powerade?

This weeks blog is all about sport drinks.  Both Gatorade and Powerade sell different products and label different depending where you live. I am basing this information on the US websites for both since they are the easiest to understand.  I will end this post with the links to other countries so you can research on…

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Choreography Post-Competition

  Most of you have been to at least one routine competition this year or you are heading into one, so I thought it was perfect timing to talk about what do you with your routine choreography following a competition. The theme is letting go. It’s my opinion that most of us coaches become too…

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Mental Skills Training- The Inner Voice

Inspiration and ideas can truly come from anywhere as long as you are always open-minded.  This weeks blog post is inspired from a book that I never ever thought would apply to coaching.  The book is called “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. Chapters one and two give an unique perspective on the role…

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23 Things to Consider in Preparation for a Competition

For most of you, the competition phase has begun and with that is competition planning. The importance of training like you want to perform really hit me today as I was training for the marathon I am competing in this June. Today, I wore a tank top and changed my deodorant.  Seems inconsequential, but in…

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Top 4 Olympic Qualifier Tech Teams 2016

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