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Sleep and Performance

After reading this post it should be clear why I posted my electronics for a post on sleep.  On February 12, 2014 I listened to the Krush Performance show, the featured guest was Dr. Samuel from the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance in Calgary.  Dr. Samuel worked with the Canadian Olympic team on their sleep programs prior to…

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Too Old to Compete!?

With the Olympics being showcased on the world stage I thought it would be great timing to discuss when should someone quit his or her sport.  I know in Canada if a synchro swimmer does not make a Senior National team they have very few options.  And for those who have never made a national…

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Correcting the Flamingo Unroll

This post is dedicated to all transitions that have an unroll; kip, flamingo bent knee, barracuda or any other unroll you may come across during figures. Here is a video of 13-15 swimmer performing the flamingo unroll. I am not a proponent of calling this transition an unroll.  Unroll is not a clear enough description…

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5 Pattern Change Fundamentals You Should be Following

This month I have been working hard at getting my book ready to send to a publisher.  I have been immersed in all things pattern changes, so I thought I would share some gems from my book with you. These are in no particular order. 1.  Discover the in-between patterns that can be checked as…

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Top 4 Olympic Qualifier Tech Teams 2016

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