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Highlight Safety

I got a great question the other day asking if I knew of any organization that has protocols for safety in teaching lifts to swimmers. I cannot think of any and since it is such an important topic I will share with you my opinion on the subject. The most important thing to consider is…

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Using Weights at YOUR Synchro Practice

I love getting emails from my followers and one of you asked me about using weights for training. What a great question. Now I have not ever seen anything official written nor have I ever been taught anything in any of the many courses that I have taken. Having said that, I have asked some…

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Synchro Unders = Risky Business

  I am very passionate about the subject of unders. I admit that up until about 9 years ago I really did not question “our” synchro practices and unders, but that all changed when one of my coaches told me that one of our alumni was a world record free diver. I tracked Mandi-Rae Krack down and…

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Top 4 Olympic Qualifier Tech Teams 2016

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