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Synchronized Swimming Pattern Book
(Digital Edition)

A poolside resource to help coaches more easily create patterns and pattern changes.

* Available in ePub only.





The book is 120 pages with over 100 pages being pattern diagrams.

A poolside resource to help create patterns and pattern changes. Coaches will be able to use this book year after year.



Can be found on the new Facebook group Synchro: Patterns and Pattern Changes.



There is a dedicated chapter for teams of 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 swimmers.

Each chapter contains three sections; patterns, pattern changes and synchronization options. 

Author Avatar: Vanessa


Vanessa Keenan is the founder of The Online Synchro Coach. A former high level synchronized swimmer, Vanessa has coached elite, beginner and master swimmers throughout her career. Swimmers she has coached have been selected to provincial and national teams. While coaching full-time with Aurora synchro many of Vanessa’s routines placed in the top 10. Most notable are the Canadian national champion titles at the senior level. Several swimmers under Vanessa’s guidance made national team trials.

Some coaching highlights include being a apprentice coach for Canada’s Senior Team at the 2009 World Trophy Cup, winning the Canadian Senior Team Champions in 2009, taking a combined club team to the Christmas Prize in Prague in 2009 and winning bronze, and coaching the 13-15 Canadian National team in 2008.

Vanessa prides herself in research and education of sport science. She holds an undergraduate degree in Physical Education specializing in Sports Performance followed by a graduate degree in Arts specializing in Coaching at the University of Alberta, in 2004 and 2006 respectively. Some notable mentors she worked with include Dr. Dru Marshall and Sheilagh Croxon. Under the guidance of Leslie Sproule, Vanessa went on to complete her Level 4 coaching certification. At the time of writing this, Vanessa is one of only 20 synchro coaches in Canada ever certified as a level 4 coach.

Beyond that Vanessa is passionately committed to providing coaches with world- class resources that will make daily training easier, effective, and lead to the desired results.

Vanessa loves to hear from coaches, swimmers, judges and parents.

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