17 Tips for Coaches on Thriving on Long Competition Days

This season I have had a few really long days at the pool. I have some tools that I have used in the past that I love, but I also discovered some new useful ones too.

  1. Compression socks- I love these. After a long day on a hard surface my legs feel good after taking my socks off.
  2. Clothes that breathe- make sure your clothing is comfortable and breathes,
  3. Where a hat if the lights bother you.
  4. Ear plugs can help when music gets TOO LOUD. I find loud music and poor lighting gives me a headache and I rarely get headaches.
  5. Running shoes- wear good shoes. The pool deck is not a great surface so protect your feet, legs and back.
  6.  WATER- drink more water than you think you need.
  7. Protein drinks and bars- it can be challenging to find time to eat at times so I like to use Vega products to fuel at the pool. I am not vegan, but I find their products are easily digestible and taste good.
  8. NO CAFFIENE- don’t use caffeine to give you energy through the day. IMG_9059
  9. Limit sugar- go for foods or drinks that will fill you up. Sugar will make you keep coming back.
  10. Get lots of sleep before the competition.
  11. Plan outside time during your day even if just to get out the door and back in.
  12. Eat before your hungry. It will help you avoid the sugar.
  13. Schedule your eating on your competition plan.
  14. Get some exercise during the day. Walk outside, do a few sets of stairs, sneak some squats in. You will feel more energized.
  15. Plan ahead for needs. This includes your competition plan, when to eat, exercise, getting outside, talking to chaperones for help.
  16. Pack food. This will ensure you have healthy choices on hand.
  17. Pack an extra water bottle. Nothing worst than being thirsty at a pool.

I hope this will help you feel great while coaching through those long competition days.

What strategies do you use to thrive at competitions? Share over on Facebook or comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Yours in Synchro,

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