4 Websites You Should Bookmark

I figured that many of you will have some free time for researching and reading over the holidays, so to fill some of the free time I have some websites you should check out.

1.  http://www.canadiansportforlife.ca

This website has resources for coaches and parents.  My favourite two favourite articles are Sleep, Recovery, and Human Performance


and Recovery and Regeneration for LTAD.


Unfortunately the document for the first article is not working right now. I contacted the website to get this corrected.

2.  http://coach.ca

I love sports nutrition portion of the site.  They offer great nutrition tips on almost everything.

They even have an article about fuelling the athlete in the pool.  http://www.coach.ca/quick-and-simple-tips-to-fuel-your-athlete-in-the-pool-p154660

3. http://www.thinkfirst.ca/index.aspx

I wrote about this site before.  There is lots of great information on concussions.

4. http://www.gssiweb.org/sports-science-exchange/training-performance

I really like this website because GSSI are constantly trying to find ways to improve performance. Buyers beware, the website is the Gatorade Sports Science Institute so they may have their own agenda.  Beyond their own interests it is great to see the original articles they are referencing.

Do you have any sites I should be checking out? Let me know in the comment box below or on Facebook.



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