Are You Trying?

Our Words Are Powerful

Today, I want to bring you attention to the word TRY. 
Have you ever caught yourself saying "I'll try next time." or " Ok I'll try that." Perhaps coaches have you ever said, "can you try that section again." Busted. I often use try. There is a much better word we could be using. 
Let's start thinking DO.
I'll do it this time.
Change the way you approach the challenge. The word "try" gives you an excuse for not accomplishing what you wanted. 
Are you trying to get a higher vertical OR are you getting a higher vertical?
Are you trying to stretch more OR are you stretching more?
Are you trying to smile in your routine OR are you smiling more in the routine?

3 Actions Steps to Take

1. Eliminate the word try from practice.

Trying is not supportive in success. It makes it okay to not really do it. Sometimes you can replace the word try with do. "Let's do another part".

2. Decide if you are going to do it or not.

There is no shame in deciding not to do. The most important thing is to decide if you are in out.

We don’t slip into our greatest achievements. We commit and then make them happen. 


3. Fully Commit.

Put 100% into your outcome. I would rather fail putting all my effort in than just merely trying.

Fail going 100% Dr. Sean Richardson

At practice tonight count how many times the coach says try, count how many times each swimmer says try. Then for you next practice use more direct vocabulary. Let me know how it goes by commenting here or click the link to join the conversation.




Yours in Synchro,

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