Can You Do a Hurdle?

A Skill We Must Teach

As I visit other clubs and choreograph routines I have noticed many swimmers lack the flexibility to do a basic hurdle position. Other times they just do not know how to get their bodies into the correct position.
A lost skill?
I'm starting to think that we need to make a conscious effort to teach our young swimmers to do this position.
Notice my photo the front leg is rolled out and the back leg is not totally dry. Some more work is needed. By following the key points you will help get a flat and accurate position in the water. Let's start on land and just do a hurdle.
Key Points?
1. The front straight leg must be straight and the knee cap faces the ceiling. 
2. The body is square to the front leg. 
3. Both bum cheeks are on the floor.
4. The bent leg knee is inline with hips.
5. The foot of bent leg is as close to bum as possible.

3 Actions Steps to Take at Practice

1. Train the 90/90 position on land to improve the flexibility needed to achieve this position. Add a block under the back heel to increase the rotation on the hip.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 10.48.24 AM


2. Train the hurdle in the water even if you do not want to use it this season.


3. Test your swimmers in the hurdle.

At practice tonight see what your swimmers look like in the hurdle position. Take a photo, share on Facebook and tag me. I'd love to see them. 

Phase 1- Creating your extension habitPhase 2- Building your strength and flexibility Phase 3- Pushing your strength and flexibility-4



Yours in Synchro,

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