Choreography- The Clapping Exercise

First off, I would like to mention that I do not consider myself the most artistic coach out there. I really prefer the technical side, so I work extra hard to boost up choreography skills. This is a really cool exercise that I am pretty sure I learned from Biz Price. What an amazing and truly gifted choreographer.

Check out the video below of this exercise being practiced:

The Purpose:

To create unique clapping sequences and then the clapping sequences to synchro movements.

The Exercise:

  1. Split the group in two.
  2. You can have the group decide their claps or you can assign counts.
  3. Count 5678, then on the 1 start the counting set. I like doing two sets of 8.
  4. Once you have found some sequences you like try it in the water in different patterns. The best patterns would be 2-lines, a line, 2-2-2-2. Choose patterns that are even and make sure where you place the opposite clappers is balanced.


The Results:

I think this is a great exercise for teaching coordination and synchronization. It can get really confusing to follow along at times and with practice it does get better.

Clapping Ideas:

  1. Group A- clap 12,56,12,56 Group B- clap 34,78,34,78
  2. Group A- clap 12,56,34,78 Group B- clap 34,78,12,56
  3. Group A- clap 1&2,5&6,1&2,5&6 Group B- clap 34,78,34,78
  4. Group A- clap 13571357 Group B- clap 24682468

I hope that you found this helpful. Please share with coaches and swimmers. Tag me on Facebook or Instagram with your creations.

Yours in Synchro,

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