Sleep Your Way To a Better Performance

Episode 1

Sleep can improve your performance. Listen to episode 1 of my interview with Bianca van der Meulen on why sleep is so important.
Here is what I asked our expert:
  1. Can you tell us how sleep can have a positive role in athletic performance?
  2. When does REM sleep occur and are there any ways to ensure we get the best REM sleep possible?
  3. As a predominately female sport are there considerations about being female and sleep?
  4. What impact does travel have on the body and are there any suggestions to keep in mind? Is travelling one way better than the other?
  5. With the invention of smart phones and tablets, do you have any advice about bedtime routines?
  6. Is there a certain time a day that you should not nap after? What about the length of time?
  7. How do you feel about sleep aids and caffeine?
  8. Is one of these more important that another when it comes to get a good nights sleep? Sleep length, sleep quality or sleep phase.
Improve your performance with sleep.



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