Splits/Pike/Shoulders Edmonton

Improve your flexibility

What: Splits/Pike/Shoulder Flexibility Clinic

When: September 18 from 11:30-2:30 (doors open at 11:15)

Where: Studio 2 13883 – 156 st nw, Edmonton, Alberta, T6V1J1 Canada (Creative Youth Centre)

Investment: $75

What to bring: Yoga matt, water bottle, comfortable form fitting close, & yoga block(optional)


The purpose of the clinic is to provide you with new exercises that will improve your flexibility in each of the three areas. These are three key areas to help you improve your individual figure scores. Most of the exercises will be completely new to you unless you have attended training with me in the past.

Come try some split training that is not painful yet still produces results to get a flatter split on land

Pike position is so important in barracudas. Learn how to get closer to your legs while maintaining the upper body posture the judges require.

Shoulder flexibility will help in all arch type movements. The flexibility will allow you to get more height in your figures.

Register by emailing as I will cap the class at 30 synchro swimmers.

Synchro swimmers aged 11& up are welcome. Coaches are welcome too with a paid registration.


Payments can be made by e-transfer and Paypal. If those options do not work for you let me know.


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