10 Ways to Use My Pattern Book

I just created a video for you guys on 10 ways to use my pattern book. Synchronized Swimming: Patterns, Pattern Changes and Synchronization Options. You can watch the video below or read the blog.

1. Synchronization

Use the synchronization option section of the book to get your swimmers to synchronize with each other.

Put the synchronization option photos somewhere are the swimmers can and then have someone count. Give them 5678 to prep then on count 1 group one goes, count 3 group 2, count 5 group 3 and count 7 group 4 . . . .

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 7.39.45 AM

Above is a photo from the book. You can play around with where the swimmers face too. Try to get the group to get through all the options without an error. You will find that over time the swimmers learn how to fix their synchronization. I suggest doing pop boosts from the surface of the water. The swimmers will learn when to kick, when to bring their knees up, when to lean forward. It is a great learning experience for the swimmers.

2. Team Building

You can do this a few ways. You can split up your team into two teams of four and do four person team pattern changes or you can do teams of eight. Let them figure out the changes. It works best if you have the patterns somewhere they can see them and someone saying “GO”.

This works well as a club building exercise too.

3. Coaches Course

If you are hosting a coaching course this a great resource for the coaches to have. Bulk orders are available at a discount. Email if you are interested in a bulk order at vanessa@theonlinesynchrocoach.com

4. On Land

Use the pattern book on land like you would in the water.

Practice your patterns on land before water practice time to save teaching time in the pool.

5. Gift

This is a great gift from a team for their coach. You can bring this to international competitions to give to the host club. Even keen swimmers love the book too.

6. Warm-ups

Find different patterns in the book to put your team in for warm-up. You could have four swimmers in a horizontal line swimming front crawl. You could do layout laps in a diagonal line.

Change the pattern or the skill every lap.

7. Dry land

Find formations in the book for your swimmers to go into on land while performing land workouts and flexibility.

8. Combo

Although this book is not for teams greater than 8 you can still use it for combo. Use the different chapters for the team size you have swimming. There are chapters for teams of 4,5,6,7 and 8.

You can also use 5 person patterns and double them up to make interesting pattern changes that you may have never thought of before.


9. Consulting

If you travel to lots of clubs to consult you find that you are switching between different sizes of teams often. Having the book handy helps you come up with pattern ideas faster and keeps the flow of the session.

10. Patterns

The most obvious use is for patterns. Even though I am an expert in patterns I find that I have certain patterns that I like and that I stick to. The pattern book allows me to see other patterns that are great, but I may not otherwise use. It has increased my creativity.

If you are interested in buying this book click the link below:

I want to buy a pattern book.

Have you discovered other ways to use the pattern book? I would love to hear how you use it. Email me at vanessa@theonlinesynchrocoach.com

Yours in Synchro,

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Vanessa Keenan

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