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Patterns, Pattern Changes and Synchronization Options

The goal of this session is to have swimmers or coaches to actively do patterns, pattern changes and synchronization options and through the movements they learn how to efficiently perform. 

Part 1: Holding patterns as a team

Part 2- Pattern changes in eggbeater (also in hybrids for more advanced groups)

Part 3- Synchronization options where synchronization of movements in patterns is the main focus. 

Swimmers always comment that this is their favourite. 

Breath Holding on Land

The goal of this session is to teach the importance of safety in training breath-holding and to give actual proven tools to train breath-holding safely on land.

This session is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: Physiology of the breath hold, what causes a swimmer to black out and why that is unsafe. 

Part 2: The do’s and dont’s of training breath-holding in the water.

Part 3: Practical on land breathing stretches and breathing systems. (Coaches have even had over 3:00 minute holds)

This session can be delivered to swimmers and/or coaches.

For more information or to book a presentation, send an email to vanessa@theonlinesynchrocoach.com.  

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