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3 Pattern Must Do’s Before Starting This Season

You want to improve your patterns this season, then follow the three steps I am going to lay out for you. Goal Set Please do not skip this step. It is very important and necessary. How many pattern changes per lap do you want in the routine? How many unique patterns changes do you want…

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10 Things to Consider Post-Competition

  So many of you just had a competition. I bet there are so many ideas running through your head. Some are great ideas and others may just be reactions to what your saw your competitors doing. I want to help guide you to making the most out of this next week by giving a…

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23 Things to Consider in Preparation for a Competition

For most of you, the competition phase has begun and with that is competition planning. The importance of training like you want to perform really hit me today as I was training for the marathon I am competing in this June. Today, I wore a tank top and changed my deodorant.  Seems inconsequential, but in…

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Top 4 Olympic Qualifier Tech Teams 2016

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