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A Few Thoughts From the Shiseido Canadian Open

I was fortunate this year that the Canadian Open was only a few hours away from me, so I drove up in the morning to catch the combo and team events. I highly recommend that if you get a chance to go to a competition to observe you should. You really get a different perspective.…

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First Leg of Swordfish Explained

I wanted to write a blog on the first leg of swordfish to go along with my video I posted the other day. If you have not seen the video yet here it is. Why Centre Of Buoyancy and Gravity is So Important  The first point to understand is that we are very floaty in…

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10 Things to Consider Post-Competition

  So many of you just had a competition. I bet there are so many ideas running through your head. Some are great ideas and others may just be reactions to what your saw your competitors doing. I want to help guide you to making the most out of this next week by giving a…

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Highlight Safety

I got a great question the other day asking if I knew of any organization that has protocols for safety in teaching lifts to swimmers. I cannot think of any and since it is such an important topic I will share with you my opinion on the subject. The most important thing to consider is…

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Using Weights at YOUR Synchro Practice

I love getting emails from my followers and one of you asked me about using weights for training. What a great question. Now I have not ever seen anything official written nor have I ever been taught anything in any of the many courses that I have taken. Having said that, I have asked some…

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Synchro Unders = Risky Business

  I am very passionate about the subject of unders. I admit that up until about 9 years ago I really did not question “our” synchro practices and unders, but that all changed when one of my coaches told me that one of our alumni was a world record free diver. I tracked Mandi-Rae Krack down and…

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Get Swimmers to Swim Sharper

  I was posed this question from a reader and I am pretty sure it is an issue for most coaches and swimmers. Whether it is nearing a major competition or just day-to-day to training we can find our team looking not so crisp. So what can you do? Video Find video’s on youtube of…

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