Routine Skills

Choreography- The Clapping Exercise

First off, I would like to mention that I do not consider myself the most artistic coach out there. I really prefer the technical side, so I work extra hard to boost up choreography skills. This is a really cool exercise that I am pretty sure I learned from Biz Price. What an amazing and…

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13 Reasons Synchronization Errors Happen in Patterns

I absolutely love analyzing, training and creating pattern changes. There are some obvious and maybe not so obvious reasons that pattern changes are unsynchronized. Here are 13 points to consider to increase your teams synchronization ability. There are NO COUNTS. Coaches you need to choreograph the start count of a pattern, the move counts and the…

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A Few Thoughts From the Shiseido Canadian Open

I was fortunate this year that the Canadian Open was only a few hours away from me, so I drove up in the morning to catch the combo and team events. I highly recommend that if you get a chance to go to a competition to observe you should. You really get a different perspective.…

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Highlight Safety

I got a great question the other day asking if I knew of any organization that has protocols for safety in teaching lifts to swimmers. I cannot think of any and since it is such an important topic I will share with you my opinion on the subject. The most important thing to consider is…

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10 Ways to Use My Pattern Book

I just created a video for you guys on 10 ways to use my pattern book. Synchronized Swimming: Patterns, Pattern Changes and Synchronization Options. You can watch the video below or read the blog. 1. Synchronization Use the synchronization option section of the book to get your swimmers to synchronize with each other. Put the…

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Getting Height on a Thrust

I think thrusts must be one of the most asked about skills out there. I often get questions about this skill. I am going to attempt to bring clarity to to the most common question about thrusts; getting height. I believe to be successful at the thrust four things need to happen: Athletes need accuracy in the…

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5 Must Do’s for Routine Training

First off the photo really has nothing to do with the post, but I thought it was cute and at the very least pool related. Perhaps I should have titled the post “get your ducks in a row”. Anyways . . . Many of you are heading into your biggest competitions of the season, so I thought…

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20 Ways to Improve Synchronization

Synchronization is key to the success of every team.  If your routine is unsynchronized it is difficult for the judges to see and appreciate the choreography.  The list is in no particular order. Some suggestions are easy, others may cause resistance from some athletes. 1. Count in a language where the words are shorter. For…

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My Top 5 Pattern Tips for Choreography

When it comes to choreographing patterns for your routine I want you to consider my 5 suggestions: 1.  Plan Ahead   Plan out your patterns BEFORE practice.  Ideally, you would plan out all the patterns for your routine ahead of time.  Planning ahead will make your practice efficient.  You can even use the initials of…

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly- Body Boosts

My intention for this blog was to have lots of video and photos for you to enjoy and explore. Well today is the day I finally got some videos up for you. I have noticed there are a few videos on youtube for body boosts, but I feel they do not help the coach discern…

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Top 4 Olympic Qualifier Tech Teams 2016

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