Surface Prawn Open to Split – Drill on Deck

Do you ever have challenges getting the horizontal leg to stay stationary when the other leg is opening to split? What about the hips shifting while the leg opens to split? Those are common errors that happen to swimmers on the pike to split transition for Surface Prawn. Below is a link to a drill…

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13 Reasons Synchronization Errors Happen in Patterns

I absolutely love analyzing, training and creating pattern changes. There are some obvious and maybe not so obvious reasons that pattern changes are unsynchronized. Here are 13 points to consider to increase your teams synchronization ability. There are NO COUNTS. Coaches you need to choreograph the start count of a pattern, the move counts and the…

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9 Thoughts on Retaining New Athletes

Are you a club that desperately wants to find a new ways to keep your newest and youngest members? I have had some first hand insight into why we lose so many newbies in sport. Here is a bit of background for you. My daughter is now 5, but was 4 when she started ballet.…

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A Water Beauties Training Camp Vegas

I’m super excited to share this guest blog with you. The Aurora Synchro Club attended the Water Beauties training camp and they let us have a glimpse of their time in Las Vegas. I have talked with girls from two clubs that have attended these camps and they were over the moon when describing how it went. Enjoy this guest…

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Get Swimmers to Swim Sharper

  I was posed this question from a reader and I am pretty sure it is an issue for most coaches and swimmers. Whether it is nearing a major competition or just day-to-day to training we can find our team looking not so crisp. So what can you do? Video Find video’s on youtube of…

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Synchro Suit Design Tips from Expert Courtenay Grant

I am super excited to have expert swim suit designer and suit maker, Courtenay Grant, writing a guest blog this week. Be sure to check out her website and follow her on Facebook.   It’s that Time of Year Again, Synchro Costume Time! As the synchro season begins and routines start to take shape swimmers and coaches start…

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The One Thing You Must DO to Start the Season.

If you do this one thing, your season will run more smoothly, you will have better communication and less unnecessary misunderstandings. You will never be able to eliminate all problems, but this one thing will help get rid of many issues. And that is . . . have a parent meeting. The key points to…

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Interview with FINA A Judge- Heather Archer

It was really fun interviewing someone just as passionate about synchro, who looks at it in a sometimes similar way, but often in a different way than a coach looks at a routine. This week I am going to highlight a conversation I had with Heather Archer at the 2014 Canadian Open. My first question…

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Top 4 Olympic Qualifier Tech Teams 2016

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