50 Synchronized Swimming Themes

50 Theme Ideas

I hope this post will help you find a theme. I originally was going to list 25, but 50 came so easy and I am still missing some really great themes. Leave your theme ideas in the comment box below or on my Facebook Page.

Here are your 50 theme ideas.

1.  Sports. I prefer a sport like basketball because the sport is played with arms and is easy to show in the water.  I find sports like soccer and hockey are difficult to portray in the water.

2. Seasons.

3. Earth, wind, fire, water. The elements.

4. The ocean.

5. Transportation.

6. Gladiators.

7. Pirates.

8. Surfing.

9. Dance. There are so many to choose from: disco, jazz, tap, modern, ballet, hip-hop, irish, ballroom . . .

10. Jungle.

11. Transformation.

12. Animals.

13. School.

14. Super Hero.

15. Love.

16. Places.  Vegas, New York, London, Tokyo, India. USA, Canada, Europe

17. Work.

18. Money.

19. Space.

20. Friends.

21. Good vs Bad.

22. Holidays.

23. Travel.

24. Fashion.

25. Dreams/nightmares.

26. Sweets. Songs like sugar sugar, lollipop.

27. One hit wonders.

28. Circus.

29. Peter Pan.

30. Grease Lightning.

31. Disney.

32. Police/RCMP.

33. Ghosts. Monsters.

34. Poetry in motion.

35. Going to the movies.

36. Diamonds.

37. Celebration.

38. Robots.

39. Radio.

40. Weather.

41. Race car.

42. The Red Carpet.

43. Colours. Use songs that mention colours.

44. The Oscars. Hollywood.

45. Barbie.

46. Fitness/Aerobics.

47. Video Game.

48. Dragons.

49. Annie.

50. Wizard of Oz.

If you are looking for more ideas try the sites below.  The first site even gives song ideas for themes.

Themes and music ideas

Theme ideas

More theme ideas

Always pick age appropriate music for your swimmers and ensure the music sounds good.

Yours in synchro,

Vanessa Keenan

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  1. Lauren on August 9, 2015 at 11:21 AM

    Hello! Where is the best place to find music? Or what is the best thing to search? When I look things up I can’t seem to find any good songs

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