Christmas Ideas for the Synchronized Swimmer


I found the above photo on the website.  They started off their list by saying “besides food”…  So true of synchro swimmers.

Well, I hope this list makes shopping for the synchro swimmer in your life a little bit easier.

This list is in no particular order. I am not endorsing any particular product and I am not getting any money for product suggestions.  The links are not necessarily the best in their class, I just googled some brands to show you what’s out there.

I welcome comments below about the best products you have used, bought and would recommend. Or other ideas you have for synchro swimmers.

Here’s the list.

1. A massage. And not just any massage get a good one, like a sports massage.

2.  Nose plugs(clips).  Some swimmers lose one a practice.  Make sure you get the brand they like as nose plugs are very person specific.


3. New goggles.  A synchro swimmer can never have enough gear. Can they?

4. Fast drying towel.  I am sure you can buy these at a store like MEC or REI.  Here is a link to a popular one on the internet.

5.  A device to play music in the water.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.06.00 PM

6.  A training journal.

7. Running shoes.

8. A make-up bag for their hair gear and make-up.

9. A cooler bag for storing snacks at practice and competition.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.13.28 PM

This is a great video that shows all the tricks of the bag.

10.  Private synchro session.

11.  Favorite shampoo and conditioner.

12. Swim spray.  I have never tried it, but apparently it takes the smell of chlorine off your body.  The website tells you where to buy it.  If you tried this comment below if it worked or not.

13.  Water bottle.  Something easy to drink from, BPA free, and probably not a screw top.  Screw tops take forever to get into.  Some swimmers like to have an option for ice.

14.  Underwater camera.  Synchro swimmers love underwater shots.  I have always had an Olympus and loved it.  Great quality for video and pictures. I prefer the 8-20 or 8-30. Easy to use.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.16.47 PM

15.  Skipping rope.  Great for dry land and warm-ups.

16. Yoga matt for stretching on deck.

17. Goggle bungee strap.  I have not noticed it in Canada, but apparently it is a trend in the states.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 3.47.30 PM

I hope you have found some great ideas and if I missed anything please comment below or on my Facebook page.

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