Timing is Never Perfect

The title of this blog could not be truer.  I have been delaying posting my first blog until everything was perfect.  Well, there will never be a perfect time to post my first blog.  So today I post my first blog with imperfections and all.

My name is Vanessa Keenan and I have been involved in synchro since 1987.  I started off in Summerside, P.E.I. (Canada).  Swimming lessons were a breeze and then I saw them, a group of older girls doing foot first sculling across the pool.  I was hooked.  In my 7-year-old brain I was trying to figure out how they stayed on the surface and could move like that.  To this day I am obsessed with the technical side of synchro.

I went on to swim for 12 years with the last 4 being at the national level with the Edmonton Auroras. The Senior Team I swam on came 2nd my last two seasons swimming.(1999, 2000)

After swimming I took a degree in Physical Education specializing in Sport Performance followed by a Masters of Arts in Coaching at the University of Alberta.  I am a fully certified level 4-synchro coach in Canada.

I have been coaching at the national level for the last 13 years.  I coached the 13-15 national team and have apprenticed with the Canadian “A” Team.

Most recently I have completed my rough draft on a Pattern book for synchronized swimming.  This book is the first of its kind and is sure to have great impacts on our sport. I will share more details in upcoming posts.

I look forward to sharing my expertise with you.  In the mean time I want to encourage you to take action.  It can be synchro related or just something you have been procrastinating about in general.  It can be big or it can be small.

You will always find a reason to not do the thing you really want to.  “I need more money”, “so and so is busy”, “I am not fit enough”, “I have no time.”  Set a deadline that is not too far away.  We almost always seem to work just a little bit better under pressure.

Think about how much you get accomplished the day before you leave for a vacation or a competition.  Amazing isn’t it.

The summer break is 25% over already, so get on doing the things you wanted to before it is over.  Since July is half over set the goal for the August 1.

Post below in the comment box what you are going to do now knowing that everything may not be perfect. Or go to my Facebook page and tell the community.

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